Monday, June 14, 2010

Side on view of the bridge and offices. This shows the support structure of the bridge whereby the rock faces act as beams that hold the bridge up. It is also supported by cables that attach to the rock face. The colours and textures in the scheme have been used to work with the landscape.

This image is an oblique upshot that depicts part of the table, both elevators in motion and the bridge in the far background. The idea behind the table is that the outcome in one's journey can only be a formative one because one knows where they started or came from and can see their progression. Resultingly the table is hollow in the middle and allows one to see its base and support. The cyclical shape is inspired by the bridge, again to emphasize the developmental nature of a journey. The position of the meeting spot is in sight of the bridge to allow for this retrospective process to occur. The elevator in the forefront is Keller's elevator, whereby I have tried to represent the freedom and ability she has created for herself despite all odds. The shape creates great shade and light and movement to evoke feeling. In the background is Merkel's elevator, in a pyramid shape similar to her office. The elevator is as enclosed as it is open to represent the dichotomous nature of her power(see below). Both elevators travel quite a long way to emphasize the physical aspect of the journey.

This is a view of Helen Keller's office and elevator. The idea for me was that Keller's journey to power is a more personal one than Merkel's as her power is totally her own. Her journey to power is about overcoming adversity and making her weaknesses work for her instead of against her. Her power is therefore greater than most people as they play to their advantages whereas she has had to make her disadvantages uniquely advantageous. Her office is therefore very large as I believe her willpower has overcome her disabilities to the point where she can be totally self sufficient- her mind and thus her spirit are unrestricted and therefore I have tried to create a space that would utilize elements such as light and shade and wind to evoke feeling.

This is a top view of the bridge. The idea behind the bridge is about the journey to power. In undertaking such a journey, one seldom knows where one will end and therefore the outcome is largely unexpected and unknown. The outcome however is goverened by the choices and directions one takes along the way, and whilst the journey may be different for everyone, the destination is often the same. Therefore my bridge attempts to allow for different routes that lead in the same direction. Similar to a journey, the path is not always obvious.

This image is of Angela Merkel's office. The office attempts to represent the seemingly paradoxical nature of Merkel's power. She is undeniably a very powerful political figure and yet because she stands for the public (voted in by the public etc), her power is not really her own and is governed by many people and circumstances. Her power and journey to power are therefore very public-the office is extremely open and allows one to see both in and out. This openness can also be perceived as intrusive as Merkel's power is always subject to public scrutiny. The scale however is very large for two reasons-I wanted to show the impact of her power and simultaneously to serve as a constant reminder of her role as a representative of a much larger group of people. Additionally, she would not spend much time in the office as her role is more of an active public role and therefore her office is more symbolic.

Keller elevator keys: 'p'- down
'n'- up

Merkel elevator keys: 'l'- down
'y'- up

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