Friday, April 30, 2010

The 36 Custom Textures

Monday, April 26, 2010

Reflection on a slide from 'Black Box'

I have chosen this watercolor to reflect on the composition component of my design as it is also a relatively busy composition. In this painting there are many elements that have been brought together by their composition. While they appear coherent as a whole, each detailed component remains discernible and reflects Hawkings’ notion of underlying order. Yet in coming together, represent Darwin’s belief of the need for adaptability as each aspect may appear slightly modified. Likewise, in my work, I have tried to represent this inherent relationship by fusing disparate elements. Thereby each independently represents the need for change, and together appears to reflect a logical underlying order. Furthermore, the central composition of the painting shows how these elements are affected by their surroundings and change accordingly. My aim is to let the landform affect my structure to further illustrate this concept of the need for change. Yet like in this painting, and following Hawkings I hope to show that this doesn’t occur in “an arbitrary manner.”

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Electroliquid Aggregation
"The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect an underlying order. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. [Rather], it is the one that is the most adaptable to change. [This need for change is the contextual result of an underlying order,] which may or may not be divinely inspired."
blue: Stephen W. Hawking
red: Charles Darwin
Crysis Wars
exporting parallel projection

scaled version

Parallel Projections

18 Axonometrics

Crysis Wars
Trial 1: exporting an axonometric

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 3 clients
Charles Darwin
"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."
Source: PSYography, "Internet source for Biographies on Psychologists", (accessed April 18th 2010)
Stephen Hawking
"The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired."
Source: Stephen W. Hawking, A brief history of time (Bantam Books 1998), 127.
Nicole Kuepper
"The reasom I'm so excited about solar technology is because of its immense potential to help solve two major problems that I'm passionate about, the first being climate change...And the second one being global poverty. For me, the potential in photovoltaics to play a major role in reducing the use of dirty kerosene lamps and reducing the amount of money that people spend on expensive batteries is enormous. I was so excited by this potential for electricity to help people gain access to mobile phone, vaccine refrigeration...You name it, you can get it."
Source: Video on Poptech: popcasts: "world changing people, projects and ideas," (accessed April 18th 2010)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have uploaded these animations directly as well as the youtube ones, as for some unknown reason when uploading them onto youtube they cut the animation in half horizontally. I tried this for several hours yet was unsuccessful. I have uploaded these too, the first one works as it appears on the computer yet the others have also seemingly been cut in the uploading process. I have tried everything yet every time I upload this occurs. I have them saved properly as they should appear on a usb which can be handed in.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

7 Images:
Final model

Front view: The closest studio was based on the word incongruous, and the back studio on the word limbo. For the final model, I made a pulley system attached to the sculptural form that protrudes from the ground for the 'incongruous' studio as Richard Goodwin's artworks are of a large scale. This is because the stairs, in keeping with the theme of incongruous are not practical for transporting works of this scale. Also i have put a ladder in the underground studio so that the artist can get to the platforms i have created to view these large scale works from different angles.

The materials used in the below ground studio are primarily concrete, cement, metal and glass. The above ground studio is primarily made of glass with concrete slabs. The surroundings are with the texture "aqueous".

Top view: this shows the gallery space that acts as a bridging space between both studios. The gallery is partly outdoors as it accounts for Richard Goodwin's installation works. Its rib-like structure borrows from elements of the 'incongruous' studio, while the idea that it is not a totally enclosed space draws from the inspiration of the word 'limbo' attached to the above ground studio.

The staircase of the 'limbo' studio does not have a balustrade as the word limbo connotes being in a seemingly inbetween space. Therefore the absence of a balustrade heightens one's awareness of one's relative whereabouts. Only with this awareness, can one feel inbetween.

Draft 2

Here I have changed the stairs for 'incongruous' as the last ones weren't functional. They are still of different lengths and sizes. These drafts also have the textures applied to them. On the above studio, 'limbo', the texture is 'translucent' and on the below studio 'incongruous', the texture is 'twisted'. Here I have also combined the spaces to work on them as one and have incorporated the gallery space.

Sketchup draft 1 of developed model

above: limbo

below: incongruous

These Sketchup models were the first drafts with the new choice of sections (limbo and incongruous).

First Sketchup drafts'Contemplative'- this was my initial sketchup attempt.
'Incongruous' - these were still very basic shapes whereby I learnt by trial and error. While I do believe the model demonstrates the traits of the word 'incongruous', it is not very sophisticated.

The Stair Sections
Stairs for 'incongruous' in developed Sketchup model

stairs for 'limbo' in developed Sketchup model

stairs for 'contemplative' in the first draft Sketchup model

stairs for 'incongruous' in first draft Sketchup model

36 Custom Texturs

Inbetween ( I have switched 'aqueous' from above with 'fluid' from inbetween)


The 18 sketch sections
above: hybrid, below:limbo
above: limbo, below: hybrid
above: empathise, below: incongruous
above: disintegrate, below: limbo

above: empathise, below: disintegrate
above: limbo, below: disintegrate

above: empathise, below: hybrid
above: hybrid, below: empathise

above:hybrid, below: contemplative
above: disintegrate, below: empathise

above: disintegrate, below: contemplative
above: incongruous, below: limbo

above: incongruous, below: empathise
above: incongruous, below: contemplative

above: limbo, below: incongruous
above: contemplative, below: disintegrate

above: contemplative, below: hybrid
above: contemplative, below: incongruous