Saturday, May 1, 2010

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Frontal view of the meeting area which is on leveled ground by the water edge.

To me, the seemingly contradictory ideas of Darwin's adaptability to change and Hawking's notion of underlying order not only complement each other, but rather change is a derivative of an underlying order. The idea of ordered change and changing order are most evident in nature. Therefore the structure is situated in the water and bridges different terrains and attempts to allow nature in as much as possible. The openness enables panoramic views of the ever changing natural environment.

Internal view from Hawking's lab

The large scale of the lab shows how his circumstances have not effected his mind, but rather focus on his adaptation to the change. The whole structure is large as it is only when placed in extreme environments that the need to adapt or change is evident.

The ramps complement the lanform rather than intervene. They descend the landform as I wanted the scientists to traverse the land and experience the physicalities of going up and down. (Hawking's side is slightly adapted.) The ramps are visible to each other and to the labs as I wanted them to be aware of each other and remain in touch with their "work zone" mindframe when discussing ideas.

The disparate components of the structure are indicated by different textures. While each element remains discernible, in fusing them each has been slightly adapted to act as a coherent whole, reflecting change within an underlying order.

The textures in the model conjure images of things found in the natural environment.

View from behind- the illuminated parts are the lab spaces.

Google Warehouse Sketchup Model